Case Study: Case 3D

PUBLISHED ON: 01 November 2019 / READING TIME: 1 minute

Case study about Case 3D from Novi Sad

Client: Case 3D

Company Case 3D is a team of architectural designers and technologists, who are uniquely qualified to translate your property vision into visuals that will transport homebuyers and investors alike. From the simplest 3D rendering to the most complex VR experiences, they are on a mission to create architectural visualization that works harder for our clients.

Challenges Case 3D has had:

  • A lack of quality and on-time communication between different teams/departments due to physical distance.
  • Due to work overload and physical distance there have been difficulties in recognizing potentially dissatisfied colleagues

Our vision is to make life easier for all people and improve the environment and industry with our innovative engineered solutions.

Our purpose is to create an authentic and supportive environment for all of our associates and provide them with an opportunity to progress and a feeling of joy.

Our solution with Heartcount:

  • Management has an immediate insight into how to react to different types of challenges
  • Getting to know new employees better
  • Identifying people who need assistance at any level more quickly
  • Great and open business culture where people are encouraged to express their opinions about different segments


  • Constant flow of valid information which HR can use to take adequate steps and meet challenges they face on a daily base
  • Improved relationships not only between employees, but also between the management and their employees
  • Knowledge sharing is leveled up
  • Employees are encouraged to give suggestions on what can be improved within the company
By Milica Jovic Partner & Chief Heart Officer at Heartcount

Milica is on a life mission to prioritize happiness at work as the ultimate goal for all companies.

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