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Discover the future of employee engagement with Heartcount. 


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Our cloud-based solution, accessible via any browser, revolutionizes HR for businesses of all sizes. Your staff can engage effortlessly with surveys through direct links, eliminating login barriers.


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Because we know companies have enough on their plate right now.

The last thing they need is a complex & robust HR tool.


We offer a solution, not another problem to solve.

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Successful companies choose Heartcount

Learn how leading companies use Heartcount to overcome specific challenges they are facing and build a thriving company culture. In a rapidly changing world, you need more than a technology vendor—you need a partner who’s committed to your long-term success.

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Ivana Canic, Strauss Adriatic

Ivana Canic

HR Director

"We were facing a difficulty with keeping employees motivated and keeping up track with how they are feeling at work. With Heartcount we were able to build up our company culture and create a more vibrant and happier atmosphere!"

Raiffeisen Bank logo
Jelena Aksic, Raiffeisen bank

Jelena Aksić

Director for retail banking

"The measures we implemented in the collaboration with Heartcount helped us improve communication, keep the key talent, increase their level of satisfaction, and, therefore, earn their trust and loyalty."

Connecting with the tools you use on daily basis

Integrate Heartcount in a simple way with the tools you use every day to configure your team's data and encourage participation.


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User-friendly. Straightforward.

Heartcount is your ally in preventing high turnover rates & empowering communication, all in real time.

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