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Heartcount Ebook Report 2021

In this report, we take a look at anonymized data from all Heartcount users in 2020 and 2021 and draw out some useful lessons you can use boost your organizational happiness.


Author: Heartcount
Leading with Happiness ebook

Leading with Happiness

How the best leaders put happiness first to create phenomenal business results and a better world? How to boost creativity, morale and employee engagement? Download our eBook and find out.


Author: Alexander Kjerulf

10 steps for building a strategy for happiness at work

What it takes to create a company culture around happiness? Download our eBook because we compiled a list of 10 steps you should follow if you want to build a strategy for happiness at work.


Author: Alexander Kjerulf

Measuring Happiness at Work

You should say goodbye to traditional surveys and adopt new ways of measuring how your employees feel at work. Wondering why? Find out by downloading our eBook.


Author: Alexander Kjerulf

Future trends that shape companies' culture

Wondering what the future trends that shape companies’ culture are? Find out how Vega IT created a culture of happy employees and how are they maintaining it in our eBook.


Author: Alexander Kjerulf

Heartcount Ebook Report 2020

Are you interested to know how people feel and what they think about their work during the 2020? We analysed the data for more than 5000 Heartcount users and summarised it in new Heartcount eBook.


Author: HeartCount
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