Everything you need to better understand your people

Collect Feedback

Answering our surveys takes around 15 seconds of your employee’s time; once a week. This will reduce a possible aversion to filling out HR-related forms and allow you to use it more effectively to gain insight in all of your relevant data. Discover a whole new way to listen to employee feedback!

Multilingual & Customizable

Our software is available in 8 languages and allows all companies to adapt and customize questions and messages forwarded to their employees. It’s easy as 1,2,3 - literally!

Analyze & Predict

HeartCount enables cost-efficient and personalized tracking through data analytics. Our tool also includes the “people to keep an eye on” feature in terms of resolving possible employee dissatisfaction causes right in the roots and right on time.

Meet Expectations in Real-Time

With our intuitive dashboard you have access to real-time data that’s easy to understand and share. Compare and rank feedback between teams, individuals or even organizations to identify high-potential or problem areas!


HeartCount provides you the needed employee data, but also allows you to evaluate the use of it within your company’s rules, values and HR evaluation with our "people to keep an eye on" feature.

We make work enjoyable for everyone

We are a team of hardworking visionaries who took their own personal business experiences and teamed up with a group of psychologists lead by Alexander Kjerluf, one of the world's leading experts on happiness at work to create an employee engagement software which helps other companies grow sustainable and healthy two-way conversations between company leaders and employees.

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HeartCount is simple and easy to use.

Prevent high turnover rates, empower communication, all in real time.

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