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HeartCount is Actionable if you are

A Human Resources Manager

Because you can make timely decisions to improve employee experience in every corner of your organization

“HeartCount has played a pivotal role in our journey as a rapidly expanding organization, enabling us to consistently foster a culture centered around our people. More than just a mere tool, HeartCount serves as a catalyst for cultivating a thriving workplace environment, driving employee engagement, and preserving our enduring commitment to a people-centric culture as we navigate our growth trajectory.”


Maja Nedučić

HR Director at Vega IT

HeartCount is Actionable if you are

A C-Suite Manager

Because you can make strategic decisions informed by the genuine feedback of your workforce.

"The Customizable Questions allowed us to focus on specific aspects crucial to our team's success. By implementing Employee’s Suggestions gathered through HeartCount we made CTSI a better place to work.”


Dušan Milićević

GM at Comtrade System Integration

HeartCount is Actionable if you are

An Employee

Because your voice will be heard and your achievements recognized at work

“HeartCount allows us to determine how our people are feeling and build stronger bonds between teammates. The platform itself supports employers who care for their teams, completely aligning with the fact that the most valuable asset of any organization is their employees. As a professional who'd just started building a career in HR, HeartCount personally helped me set up short term goals for myself and learn how to design proposals concerning EX to upper management.”


Olga Arsov

Employee Experience Specialist at Headquarters

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Two Superstar Features


Individual Retention Predictability (IRP)

Reduce Your Unwanted Turnover

The IRP is a our proprietary feature that has demonstrably cuts down employee churn rate. Get a heads up as soon as employees show signs of disengagement, dissatisfaction & emotional fatigue.


Confidential & Anonymous Versions

Reap The Benefits Of Honest Feedback Without The Risks

HeartCount's Confidential Version responses are traceable to individual employees, but only the respondent and people of high trust with access to their responses can see the information. The Anonymous Version of HeartCount does not collect information that identifies respondents. Both versions guarantee data privacy and protection from misuse.

Feedback Pack


Pulse Check Surveys

Keep Your Finger On The Company Pulse

Setup your recurring pulse check survey in minutes and push send to gather feedback and insights.


Personal Freeform Feedback

Let Everyone Share Their Two Cents

Every respondent to a survey can share their qualitative feedback - challenges, recommendations, complaints, or praise. Gather a gold mine of personalized feedback, accessible only to people who are authorized to see it.


Custom Surveys

Design Your Own Surveys

Send surveys to any group of people in your organization to source ideas, insights, opinions, and needs.


Public Peer Recognition

Kudos For The Whole Company To See

Employees can give and receive kudos, or +1 someone else's paise. The peer recognition is visible to the whole company and is saved in the employee's records, so that it's never forgotten.


Private Direct Messages

Speak Up In Confidence & Psychological Safety

Employees have a secure and direct line of communication with people of trust in the company. The content of the messages stat private between the sender and recipient.

Engagement Categories


7 Standard Engagement Categories

Measure Engagement Across Topics That Matter

1. Feedback & Recognition 2. Personal Advancement 3. Job Satisfaction 4. Attitude Towards the Company 5. Relationship with Management 6. Relationship with Colleagues 7. Productivity & Efficiency


Well-being: The special engagement category

"How Did You Feel At Work This Week?"

This is the question that your employees will get with every pulse check survey. Disregarding employee well-being leads to a x3 risk in depression at work, making it a central pillar of company culture.

ESG Reporting KPIs


Employee Engagement (EE) Index

A KPI For Commitment & Sense Of Connection With The Company

The Semi-annual and Annual Employee Engagement Indices provide a normalized score of the extent to which an employee was engaged at work in each half of the year, and the year as a whole.


Well-Being Score

A KPI For Overall Company And Individual Employee Health

The Semi-annual and Annual Well-being scores provide a normalized measure of how well an employee felt at work in each half of the year, and the year as a whole.


Autonomy Score

A KPI for Empowerment at Work

Leverage the data to decide on promoting or investing in an employee. Receive feedback if the respondent feels micromanaged.


Emotional Exhaustion Score

A KPI for Stress Levels at Work

Measure the stress levels at work and predict burnout. Based on the data, you can see who is at risk.


Motivation Score

A KPI for Feeling of Purpose

Do your employees work with a feeling of purpose, as a crucial attribute of their productivity, creativity, and delivered quality. Detect who needs an energy boost and encouragement to advance their career in your environment.

Individual Monitoring


Employee Flags

Assign Flags To Individual Employees Who Need Your Attention

Assign flags to keep track of individual employees who are dissatisfied, are at risk of quiet quitting, or whose positive vibe deserves a reward or promotion.


Custom Labels

Categorize, Segment & Analyze Your Employees They Way You Choose

Create and assign labels to segment your employees into topical groups that are relevant to you. View reporting dashboards for each label.



Weekly Reports

No More Drowning in Data

Our weekly standardized reports deliver concise overviews of key employee engagement and experience metrics, guiding your attention to immediate concerns. Streamline your focus and navigate with precision as you address issues proactively, ensuring your team remains engaged and motivated week after week.


Semi-Annual & Annual Reports

Strategic Decisions For Lasting Impact

Bid farewell to short-term guesswork. Our semi-annual and annual reports deliver the essential employee metrics and advanced indices, unveiling profound insights into long-term trends. Empowering you to make strategic decisions that shape your workplace culture, communications, and productivity with foresight and precision.


Custom Reports

Your Metrics, Your Insights, Your Way

Break free from one-size-fits-all solutions. With our custom report feature, you're in control. Design short-term and long-term reports that align with your unique vision. Focus on the metrics and insights that matter most to you, enabling a personalized approach to enhancing employee engagement and experience. Your data, your choices – because your success is as unique as your organization.



Scientifically Validated Survey Model

A Bank of Science-Backed Survey Questions

Our bank of 140 scientifically validated questions and bias removing algorithm will pinpoint the current climate in your company and teams.


Ideal Time to Survey

Send At The Ideal Time In Every Time Zone

Backed by research and our experience, Friday 11 AM (local time) is the ideal time to reflect on the past week and make sure the survey has a maximum response rate. You can choose your own time to send the survey.


Results Comparable to Global Survey

High Correlation to Gallup's Q12 Survey

A team of organizational psychologists and data scientists engineered the survey. On a scale -1 to 1, it correlates to Gallup's survey as high as 0.88, making your results comparable to worldwide and industry standards.

5 Clearcut Modules



Set up your organizational structure and people directory for easy access to feeback, insights & alerts for teams and individuals.



Collect scientifically validated feedback from your workforce across 8 engagement categories and process them into actionable insights.


Analytics & Reporting

Get a real-time birds-eye view of your organization, or zoom in to teams or individuals to catch early signs of employee disengagement & dissatisfaction, or discover opportunities for improvement.


People's Voice

Help employees strengthen bonds with peers and managers by giving them a channel to publicly exchange kudos and privately confide in people they trust.


My Portal

Your personal portal is the one place where you can view, manage & display all the information that will help you navigate and thrive in your workplace.

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Have No Clue What To Do With Survey Results?
Get Employee Engagement Feedback You Will Understand.