Case Study: Bee IT

PUBLISHED ON: 31 October 2019 / READING TIME: 1 minute

Case study about Bee IT from Novi Sad

Client: Bee IT

Company Bee IT develops high-performance e-commerce solutions for enterprise clients. Their goal is to make your business operations run smoothly and swiftly. Since the day it was founded, Bee IT has been following an organic, growing trend.

Challenges they have had:

  • Difficulties during the on-boarding of new employees
  • Possibility to lose track of how existing colleagues feel and what they think about how satisfied they are with their work
  • The lack of an adequate way of how to show Bee IT leaders' great respect for their colleagues' opinions and attitudes

Our solution with Heartcount:

  • Leaders have immediate insight into what their colleagues think and how they feel so they can act on that promptly
  • Leaders can recognize people they need to keep an eye on in a fast and easy way
  • Employees can track their progress and level of happiness at work (based on their answers regarding results and relationships at work)
  • Companies can improve their feedback processes


  • Bee IT has not used a similar tool so far. Heartcount helps them significantly, especially with colleagues who are just starting to work because they are not confident enough to talk to the superiors directly about the issues that bother them
  • The tool allows timely detection and resolution of problems that might cause employees to look for other job opportunities, and prevent problems from becoming extremely serious
  • They managed to create an even more vibrant, happier atmosphere
By Milica Jovic Partner & Chief Heart Officer at Heartcount

Milica is on a life mission to prioritize happiness at work as the ultimate goal for all companies.

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Heartcount is an AI powered tool, which measures happiness at work in a new and better way. It is a tool for tracking results and relationships (personal fulfilment, progress, relationships with colleagues and managers) that influence happiness at work.

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