Emakina.RS is a team of engineering experts responsible for building, maintaining and operating applications on various platforms and frameworks. 


IT Software company


Novi Sad, Serbia



What challenges had you been facing starting to use the tool?

Since the number of employees of Emakina RS have significantly grown in a very short period of time (in a year and a half we have reached the number of 35 employees), it became very hard to keep track of our employees’ level of happiness as we are focused on various aspects of work simultaneously. If we take into account the fact that we do not sit with all of our colleagues in the same offices and that we do not work for only one client, but on around 15 parallel projects together with 3 entities (EMK.NL, EMK.BE, EMK.CH), things get pretty complicated. The inability to keep track of the employees’ state proactively is inevitable in this line of business.

What kind of solution did you recognise in Heartcount?

We realised that HeartCount would allow us to receive the first alerts, that is, indicators of our employees’ happiness at work in a very simple and intuitive way, and react on the results in a timely manner in case we identify the signs of unhappiness. This has helped us in a few cases so far.

What are the results? In other words, how did HeartCount help you solve those challenges?

We managed to detect the first signs of unhappiness with a few very important colleagues even though they were motivated by either a project or a salary or the relationships with colleagues from other Emakina entities. Finally, we succeeded in preventing the state of unhappiness. This has helped us retain those employees and prevent creating a potentially bad company reputation.