Vega IT has been developing software solutions for 14 years. They have grown from a group of a few friends into a team of over 700 people.


IT service company


Novi Sad, Serbia



They wanted to change the workplace, not merely jump through hoops to appease employees in the short-term, in order to build a strong culture that would drive financial success and actually change how people feel at work. 

Challenges they have had

  • Leaders were afraid that they would not be able to keep the same company culture that is very important to them, with the rapid expansion they were experiencing 
  • Turnover rates started to grow, resulting in increased employment costs and lower morale 
  • Leaders felt they were becoming less connected and unable to track how their colleagues felt at work and what they thought about their life within the organisation


  • The company managed to reduce employee turnover (it’s less than 7% for the last four years)
  • Employees are grateful, they feel heard and valued because they see that their leaders continue to care, even though the organisation is growing
  • The company increased it's profits and continues to do so year after year (more than 30% on a yearly basis)
  • Vega IT has become a happier and even more successful company!