UBConnect is a market-leading provider of infrastructure and consulting services to the private and public sectors.


Consultant services


Belgrade, Serbia



UBConnect specializes in planning, design, construction and upgrading of mobile networks. We have a leading position in the Norwegian market and are the only company that offers services to all public mobile operators.

UBConnect has a very active role in the latest technology upgrades that are now taking place and has been the main supplier of all 5G mobile network pilots in Norway.

What challenges did you face before using the tool?

The employees at UBConnect are working from different places and locations depending on their function. We have our offices in Norway and Serbia, we have our installers spread all over Norway, and our warehouses in different locations. This makes it challenging to have a good insight into everyone’s satisfaction regularly. We have previously conducted a yearly satisfaction survey and conversations with the employees in order to find out how satisfied the employees are at their job.

When COVID-19 hit Europe, we found ourselves in this particular situation where all the employees in the offices were moved remotely, and our field employees had to work under new measures. It was very challenging to keep track of the level of satisfaction and happiness of all the colleagues working remotely and here is when we introduced HeartCount at UBConnect.

What kind of solution did you recognise in HeartCount?

HeartCount is a “fast” solution for tracking employee’s satisfaction and level of happiness. This is a tool that takes only 15 seconds for an employee to answer three questions, and from there we can get insight into how they are doing (both psychologically, and in terms of their tasks and obligations). We also get immediate feedback on a different subject in the organization and as an organisation, we aim to show our employees that we care about every one of them, that we are listening to them and going to work in making changes after their feedbacks.

What results have you achieved and how did you overcome your challenges using HeartCount?

HeartCount enabled us to identify both employees (and business units) where the satisfaction rate was lower. This allowed us to create immediate action points and follow-ups. After using Heartcount for a few weeks, we organized meetings with the managers of all departments and took the opportunity to present the results for each of their departments. We made an agreement on which actionable steps we should take to respond to the results we gained through the survey.