Tehnomanija has been a leading seller of electronic and electrical devices for 20 years now with over 80000 satisfied customers every month and 120 retail stores across the country.




Belgrade, Serbia



In addition to that, Tehnomanija is the pioneer of online business, when they decided to go beyond direct sales. To get where they are now, they had to set their values and put their customers first. They say that knowledge, enthusiasm, innovativity, responsibility and mutual success is what they believe in. Their emphasis is on excellent service and dedication to each customer. 

What challenges did you face before using the tool?

The key to our success are our employees which is why we have been thinking long about how we can improve their well-being. We recognized that the lack of constant feedback on the employees’ job satisfaction is one of the crucial challenges, but also an opportunity for us to grow as a company. This became even more evident in the emergency state caused by COVID-19. This led to an instant change in work model from traditional to remote, which prevented our colleagues from getting to know each other better. We did not have the tool which would allow us to understand their mood, level of satisfaction as well as their process of adaptation to the new working environment. 

How did you overcome these challenges – what measures did you take based on the data which HC provided you with? 

In August 2021, we introduced HeartCount and enabled our colleagues to share their observations and thoughts on a weekly basis. We are aware that working on three different locations carries a number of challenges and that the physical distance decreases the feeling of closeness and the feeling of belonging to the team. This platform simplifies direct communication between colleagues, management and HR so that we can track how employees feel and what kind of challenges they face. 

Based on the data we have, employees think about leaving the company in the period of between one and three months on average, before making a final decision. HeartCount is an excellent tool which helps us not only to identify the problem on time, but also react on time. The gathered data enable us to identify both individuals and the teams which have shown a significant drop in satisfaction. Now we have more frequent and more focused conversations with employees which help us achieve our main goal to reveal and understand the cause of dissatisfaction as well as how to remove that cause. 


HeartCount enabled us to listen to and understand the voice of each individual in a simple and fast way which made a huge difference.

What results did you achieve by using HeartCount? 

Data shows us that we are on the right track. By analysing negative fluctuations during the first four months of 2022, we realised that they dropped by 3% when compared to the last quarter of 2022, and by 2% when compared to the first quarter of 2021. The reasons for this kind of trend are different, but HeartCount is definitely one of them. Additionally, by increasingly and actively using the tool, the employees in Tehnomanija show us that they truly see its benefits.  

If you had to single out one benefit of using our tool, what would it be?

Giving recognition to colleagues for a job well-done and showing their willingness to publicly praise someone’s effort and dedication which further strengthens the team spirit and the level of employees’ satisfaction with their working environment. The value of this tool was also recognised by the colleagues who praise other colleagues now more frequently on HeartCount.