Raiffeisen Bank operates within the Raiffeisen Bank International Group, one of the largest banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe and employs over 1,500 employees.




Belgrade, Serbia



One of the important aspects of their business is taking care of the wider community, as they believe that it's equally as important to nurture the business community and the environment in which it operates.

Listening to the pulse of employees during digital transformation process

Raiffeisen bank started a collaboration with Heartcount 2 years ago, when it initiated the project of digitalisation of business in its own network of branches.

Considering the complexity of this endeavor, as well as the fact that a quality and on-time communication with employees is of key importance for the success of the project, it was concluded that the bank needed the support in terms of “listening to the pulse” of employees and determining their needs.

Determinating key problems and pain points that trigger employee dissatisfaction with weekly surveys

Heartcount helped us determine key problems and “pain points” that can trigger employees’ dissatisfaction, the lack of employee engagement and the lack of motivation — all of the things you want to avoid in the industry which is focused on providing services to clients.

By using the overall statistics, we managed to identify the areas which require our further engagement and improvement of our employees’ working conditions as well as the areas where we have proven to be an excellent employer and which should definitely be kept that way.

Our primary goal has always been to be competitive in offering conditions to our employees.

Jelena Aksić Executive Director for Retail Banking 

Better communication, higher retention and increased level of employee satisfaction 

Our primary goal has always been to be competitive in offering conditions to our employees. The measures we implemented in the collaboration with Heartcount helped us improve communication, keep the key talent, increase their level of satisfaction, and, therefore, earn their trust and loyalty.

We are thankful to the company Heartcount for helping us maintain our position of a competitive employer on the local market, which is mainly due to their extensive experience and expertise, but also their wish to understand the core of the business of a big company like Raiffeisen.

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