Engineers are a consulting firm for software engineering with UK, Ireland and US based one-on-one clients. 


Software engineering


Belgrade, Serbia



What challenges did you face before using the tool?

The biggest challenge we had to face was working from home which required a much bigger concentration, attention and awakeness than when we are working together in the office. We had to adapt to a new way of working where the inability to maintain social contact with people on a daily basis led to a more difficult communication and lower concentration. A lack of smooth communication between members of the team turned out to be a weak spot during the period of isolation.

What kind of solution did you recognise in Heartcount?

We recognised our weaknesses and we couldn’t turn our heads away from them. Instead, we decided to bite the bullet and find a solution to a problem.

What results have you achieved and how did you overcome your challenges using HC?

By using HeartCount, we are able to actually see how each of our colleagues feel if he or she has had a difficult week. In this way, we are ahead of the game because we can react immediately when the problem arises and we do not let the problems amass. We openly give feedback to each colleague pointing out that he or she is an important member of our team and that we truly care about how he/she feels.

When we recognised our weaknesses, we started working on solutions. We even organised meetings more often to enable better communication and information flow.