Direct Media United Solutions is a leading media system in the South-East region in Europe.


Media company


Belgrade, Serbia



They believe in the Science + Art communication approach and their vision is to be the most successful media system in the region.

What challenges did you face before using the tool?

Keeping track and analysing the level of satisfaction of our employees is one of the biggest challenges of the management, and, at the same time, a very important segment and process which indicates that there is a room for improvement regarding people and organisation management. Although traditional employee satisfaction surveys are very helpful when it comes to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, they are also enormous and not so frequent which is why we get the instructions on what to do too late or they become outdated to be implemented. In this respect, we needed a tool that would help us have additional and continuous insight into the things that are good as well as into the things that disrupt building of mutual trust, team integration and better results.

What kind of solution did you recognise in HeartCount?

We saw Heartcount as a tool that allows us to have additional insights into the feelings and thoughts of our employees while they are at work on a weekly basis. Heartcount is a synergy of innovative and traditional approaches to the process of keeping track of employees’ level of satisfaction at work. Besides helping management to identify and solve challenges each individual or a team faces on a daily basis, it also significantly improves the quality of internal communication, and business culture as well.

How did you overcome your challenges and what results have you achieved using HeartCount?

Thanks to Heartcount, we recognise employees who need additional attention or where we need to take preventive measures. This tool helped us quickly react and solve some challenges we came across a few times thus preventing things from getting even more problematic. This is particularly important in this current situation we are all in, when most of us work from home and when we can easily fall into a trap of believing our employees feel good even if they actually feel bad and recognising that they need our support.