Bizzomate creates software solutions that enable companies to win in a competitive world.


IT Software company


Valkenburg, Netherlands



They help business and IT find each other and create an effective, efficient and better way of working. By using the best of low-code development and adopting proven design methodologies they strive to go beyond agile software development to build agile businesses.

Everyone at Bizzomate commits to the 4 Ps on which their company was founded: passion, prestige, professionalism and pleasure. Combined they are the key ingredient of Bizzomate's success.

What challenges did you face before using the tool?

Like the rest of the world, we are facing the COVID-19 challenge and that means working from home.

We are a young and close family-like company and very quickly, we went completely “online” in all our interactions. No chatting over coffee, no more having lunch together, no more Friday drinks, no more anything.

Getting used to working remotely and online seemed easy at first - we were in “battle mode” with the entire team, willing to keep all the things under control and even grow.

But this has been going on for almost a year, and I believe working from home is here to stay, at least for a while. We realized we needed to prioritize some things to be able to monitor our overall well being.

What kind of solution did you recognise in HeartCount?

The solution we were looking for needed to be simple and accessible and not part of a larger HR type solution, as we had already had that covered.

I did some research into various tools and came across HeartCount quickly. It seemed to me it had a solid backbone with regards to the questions and the logic behind it.

Heartcount sends only 3 short questions that trigger people to think about their previous working week. Plus, from the employer’s perspective, it is good to work with fixed categories. And we also love the freedom to add our own questions.

We liked the communication with the HeartCount people from day 1. It felt like a good and thriving culture. And the possibility to have a free trial really helped convince the team to go ahead with it.

How did you overcome your challenges and what results have you achieved using HeartCount?

The results show that we are doing well! People seem to be honest with their answers which helps me, as Happiness Officer, to reach out to people that struggle.

And it confirms some of our assumptions, but also reveals some hidden challenges we hadn't been aware of. We might think we give enough praise, but, in reality, we saw an opportunity to grow here. We can adjust quickly.