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Zürich, Switzerland



What challenges did you face before using the tool?

The main challenge that Group CIO Vuk Popovic experienced in the IT Department on the group level was a partial or a complete absence of feedback from employees. Also, there was a lack of communication between colleagues, especially after the COVID-19 started. Hidden disagreements led to repressed dissatisfaction at work, which caused conflict among teams leading to seemingly harmless problems. This was especially pronounced in the communication between the teams that are in different cities, such as IT teams in Frankfurt, Berlin and Zürich.

What kind of solution did you recognise in HeartCount?

The HeartCount helps us understand our problems and start looking for solutions. Mostly, the tool enables us to receive adequate and updated feedback. Before, we used to ask for feedback only from a certain number of colleagues whenever there were some significant changes in the company. Now, HeartCount is the mirror of our future decisions.

How did you overcome your challenges and what results have you achieved using HeartCount?

First, everyone’s reaction to the tool is beyond expectations. It helped us overcome a couple of conflicting situations, prevent further escalation and calm the tensions in the team. Also, we finally managed to realise that some colleagues have been struggling with some problems for a long time but have not found a way to communicate with managers. We are particularly fond of Heartcount newsletter feature, which, by the way, is the main product we offer to our clients. 😊 The reason why we like it so much is that it clearly summarises the emotional state and performances of the team/department in the previous week.