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Duluth, United States



HeartCount tool is a perfect weekly metric that lets you measure how the company is performing. And, there’s more! It’s also a great tool for my management team to engage with employees to improve their communication with their own team/staff.

Being a company of less than 100 employees, we are dealing with various daily challenges of running the business. For instance, our managers have difficulty staying on top of all employees’ issues that may be inhibiting their overall engagement, which is often a time-consuming process. Now, with Heartcount, I can hold my managers accountable for the time they spend trying to solve those issues and I know that the time they invested is worthwhile.

HeartCount is such a powerful tool and will assist AdEdge in achieving our culture as well as performance goals. In addition, it helps bridge the gap across our generational groups and shows everyone we are trying to listen, improve the company and that their voice matters.

We have noticed immediate benefits HeartCount has brought to our communication, and as we deal with the challenge of COVID-19 it helps us identify employees who may need additional support more quickly.