Webinar: How to Build a Business (and a Better Country) with Happiness

Written by:Uros Gostović
Published on: 23 September 2020 Reading time: 3 minutes

Did you know that we spend almost 30% of our lives at work? When you put all of those hours at work into numbers it sounds kinda scary. However, this only shows that work has a very important role in our lives and that the workplace should be a place where you feel safe and happy and not the other way around, right?


This is what we will discuss at our webinar on September 30, from 4 PM CEST and you can register for it here.


Results and Relationships As a Pathway to Happiness


Whether we want to admit it or not, work definitely takes a special place in our lives. It provides income and a sense of self-worth. In other words, it has a lot of effect on us as it shapes our identity.


All of the relationships we build combined with the results we achieve at work create a state where someone feels good about themselves and the work he or she is doing.


How Do You Build A Successful Business Around Happiness?


Besides serving great coffee, Mush Panjawani’s mission is to create a business around happiness and make his town and country a better place. He will join us to discuss how he built a successful business while still focusing on culture, happiness and positive impact. You can register for it on this link.


Mush started Caffee Wagera with a dream to create a place where people would drink great coffee and eat delicious snacks at a reasonable price. Besides making his customers happy, he is trying to do the same for his employees, while also giving back to the community through various projects.


These are just some of the Mush’s groundbreaking ideas:


  • Inclusive recruitment for all ages and genders
  • Local sourcing – Coffee Wagera uses only locally roasted coffee beans instead of imported, as well as locally made chocolate powder, chocolate syrup and coffee flavours
  • Empowering women - Snacks served in the stores are made and supplied by female home chefs
  • Coffee Wagera organises happiness training for all of their employees


Join Our Webinar


Tune into our webinar to find out what it takes to build a business from scratch based on positive impact and happiness. Mush’s coffee shop is believed to be one of the fastest-growing chains in Pakistan. Learn the story behind this success on September 30, from 4 PM CEST


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