Webinar: How to Be a Successful Workplace Happiness Consultant

Alexander Kjerulf's Top 5 Tips

PUBLISHED ON: 10 June 2021 / READING TIME: 2 minutes

Increasing number of workplaces are realizing that workplace happiness mattersA LOT. They know that happy employees work better, get sick less often, and stay with the company longer. Simply put, they've seen that happy companies make more money.

A lot of these companies look for help to become better workplaces, which has created a market for workplace happiness consultants, speakers and facilitators.

How to be a successful workplace happiness consultant? Fill out the application and join us on June 24 from 4 PM to 4.45 PM CEST, to hear the tips and tricks from Alexander Kjerulf, the Heartcount cofounder.

Alexander Kjerulf's Top 5 Tips

Alexander Kjerulf's Top 5 Tips on How to Be a Successful Workplace Happiness Consultant

Alexander Kjerulf has been a workplace happiness consultant for 17 years, working with clients like LEGO, IKEA, IBM, Microsoft and Pfizer, in more than 50 countries.

In this Heartcount webinar, he will share his top 5 tips for success in this field, including:

  • How to market and sell your services to clients
  • How to convince companies or managers who don't believe in "happiness" at work
  • How to make your services as effective as possible

Future belongs to happy people, so use the opportunity to enrich your knowledge about creating a great company culture and a phenomenal workplace.

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