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Case Study: UBConnect

17 June 2020 / 2 minutes

Two men and a woman looking at the the project placed on the table at UBConnect company

We are UBConnect. We provide infrastructure and consulting services to the private and public sectors, in industries such as telecommunications, IT, railways, and power and energy. We plan and build the digital infrastructure that makes it possible to digitize society, and we build the services at the top.

What challenges did you face before using the tool?

We started using the tool when the COVID-19 emergency situation started and when all the employees started working remotely. Before that, we talked with each employee to find out how satisfied they were with their jobs and we also conducted a yearly job satisfaction survey. Since this requires a lot of time and taking into account that it was not possible to see colleagues in the office and get an insight into how they feel, it was a real challenge to keep track of the level of satisfaction and happiness of all the colleagues “remotely”. It was not possible, but it is certainly easier when we are all in the office.

What kind of solution did you recognise in Heartcount?

Heartcount was a “fast” solution, meaning that in the moments when the employees were going through a tough time (both mentally and in terms of organisation of daily tasks and obligations) we introduced a tool that keeps track of how they feel, and it only takes them 15 seconds to do that. By introducing HC, the company showed its employees that it cares about how they feel and that it wants to take care of their happiness.

What results have you achieved and how did you overcome your challenges using HC?

Heartcount enabled us to identify employees that feel bad, determine the reasons for such behaviour and offer adequate help and mental support if needed. Also, after using Heartcount for a few weeks, we organised a few meetings with the managers of all departments and took the opportunity to present them the results for each of their departments. We made an agreement on which actionable steps we should take to respond to the results we gained through the survey.

By Milica Jovic Partner & Chief Heart Officer at Heartcount

Milica is on a life mission, to prioritize happiness at work as the ultimate goal for all companies.

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Heartcount is an AI powered tool, which measures happiness at work in a new and better way. It is a tool for tracking results and relationships (personal fulfilment, progress, relationships with colleagues and managers) that influence happiness at work.

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