Case Study: Dentist’s surgery Matijević

PUBLISHED ON: 22 January 2020 / READING TIME: 2 minutes

Case study about Dentist’s Surgery Matijević from Novi Sad

Meet one of your clients - Dentist’s surgery Matijević from Novi Sad.

Challenges: transition, growth and reorganisation of the clinics from a monovolume to a complex segmented structure led us to the point when we started dedicating less time to each other within a team (both when it comes to recognising each other’s feelings and offering help to each other occasionally).

Solution: Heartcount has introduced (restored) frequent conversations on the topic of feelings and has helped immensely in recognising oscillations in employees’ level of happiness.

Unexpected benefit: taking into account that Heartcount includes a variety of questions and covers various aspects of happiness at work (wow, somebody actually gave considerable thought to the questions when they were creating the survey), we started discussing issues we hadn't discussed or considered before that moment, which is an excellent way to strengthen relationships within the team. We protected the image of happy collective through transition and fast-paced changes we have been going through for some time now. Thank you Heartcount! :)

By Milica Jovic Partner & Chief Heart Officer at Heartcount

Milica is on a life mission to prioritize happiness at work as the ultimate goal for all companies.

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