Case Study: Ametek

PUBLISHED ON: 01 June 2021 / READING TIME: 1 minute

AMETEK is a world-class enterprise with market-leading businesses and strong brands. Their businesses serve a diverse set of niche markets and applications, each with attractive growth characteristics. These businesses are focused on solving our customers’ most complex challenges with differentiated technology solutions. Each of their businesses drive growth through the execution of AMETEK’s proven Four Growth Strategies: Operational Excellence, Strategic Acquisitions, Global & Market Expansion, and New Product Development.

What challenges did you face before using the tool?

We had a relatively high voluntary attrition rate, part of it due to employee dissatisfaction caused by some organizational issues and failure to identify some employees’ needs.
How did you overcome your challenges and what results have you achieved using HC?
By measuring our employees' pulse on a weekly basis and receiving feedback, we’ve managed to address many topics, solve numerous issues and continually increase (from week to week, from month to month) the level of employee well-being and engagement. As a result, the attrition rate went down by 3%.

Which Heartcount features do you like the most and why?

The best Heartcount feature for us is the possibility to compare different parts of the organization. It allows us to see what works and what doesn’t work in particular part of the organization and what could be the cause of certain issues.

Can you describe Heartcount’s benefits in three words?

Continuous engagement improvement! :)

By Milica Jovic Partner & Chief Heart Officer at Heartcount

Milica is on a life mission to prioritize happiness at work as the ultimate goal for all companies.

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