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Business and Sales Development Specialist

19 November 2019 / 2 minutes

Who can apply:

Candidates with a four-year degree in marketing, market research, sales, financial services, IT, consulting, business development, investment banking or client success. A person who loves reading and does that every day!

What you'll bring:

  • Very good knowledge of English language (writing skills - at least at C1 level)
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills across a variety of channels (email, social media, phone, etc.)
  • Aptitude to manage numerous requests and time demands concurrently while achieving production goals from an assigned territory or set of accounts
  • Ability to promote a strong sense of urgency for reaching goals and key deliverables and act without being told what to do. Willingness to bring new ideas to the company
  • Ability to contribute fully to the team effort and eagerness to play an integral part in the smooth running of teams without necessarily taking the lead
  • Drive, grit, and a strong desire to compete and win
  • A capability of understanding customer pain points, requirements and correlating potential business to value
  • Willingness to learn new tools and techniques
  • Open-mindedness and good soft skills
  • Urge to focus on generating qualified prospects using cold email, cold calling, social selling, and networking
  • Inbound lead qualification, moving leads into and through the sales funnel, qualifying prospects, and setting up sales qualified appointments
  • Experience in using Linkedin and building a LN network
  • Knowledge of another foreign language would be a plus
  • Experience with CRM, marketing automation and email would be a plus

If you believe in what we believe in and you feel eager to learn, work and further develop yourself, apply for this job by sending us your CV in English at and join the Heartcount team.

By Milica Jovic Partner & Chief Heart Officer at Heartcount

Milica is on a life mission, to prioritize happiness at work as the ultimate goal for all companies.

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