Heartcount joins the initiative for digitalization of Serbian Startup Ecosystem

Published on: 03 March 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes

Why digitalization matters to all of us? 


Mid February 2023, Initiative “Digital Serbia” announced that they are launching the platform that will map out the entire Serbian startup ecosystem in cooperation with Dealroom. 


We joined in less than 3 days, understanding that we need to support it. 


Serbia joined the most progressive startup ecosystems like London, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin. Funds and dedication a project like this requires can be taken on only by a well developed system and economy in place, and it is commending that Serbian Startup ecosystem that entered Startup Genome list only in 2019, less than 4 years ago accomplished it. The strategic implications of the Serbian ecosystem fast forwarding to digitalization of the ecosystem can not be predicted at this moment, but we can expect to see the first effects of it in the near future.

Startup Genome Novi Sad and Belgrade Ecosystems 2022 edition

Source: Startup Genome, Novi Sad and Belgrade Ecosystems, 2022 edition. (link)


It is worth mentioning that this type of project is very challenging to execute as it is usually executed in private-public partnerships, that it takes years to implement, and that the team standing behind it did an amazing job to enable all stakeholders feature their contributions better. 


What needs to happen so we all benefit?  


The platform is supposed to feature the entire ecosystem - universities, companies, corporations, startups, investors etc. 


But the entities need to participate in filling out their profile on their own. 


Like any platform based on stakeholder contribution, it is as good as you are good at getting the enough data input, asking the right questions and interpreting the data. 


We at Heartcount understand that it takes a village to build, since our employee engagement and satisfaction tool requires careful stakeholder management to wield it’s full benefits. 


Here is the process that works for Heartcount users, but will work for this initiative as well: 

    1. Quality and quantity of data - we all need to contribute if Dealroom.co is to work
    2. Data Processing - the platform does it
    3. Data Interpretation - the user
    4. New Questions - the user
    5. (repeat)


It a circle, and we are at stage ONE. 


We frequently say to our clients when we onboard them, but later on we need to remind them: 


“The more you use it, the more use you will see of it.”


This platform, much like Heartcount, will not only lead to better answers with high quality data. 


It’s point is to lead to better questions being asked and in a shorter period of time. 


  • Input data - employees
  • Crunch - Heartcount
  • Aggregate - Heartcount
  • Identify potentials - Heartcount
  • Zoom in on them - Heartcount
  • Ask specific questions - Company HR/Management
  • Devise a solution - Company HR/Management
  • Implement solutions - Company HR/Management
  • Monitor - Heartcount
  • (back to) Input data - employees


How can you help? 

Contribute your bit to the platform, by filling out your company profile, so we can all be much faster.

Heartcount profile on Dealroom platform in Serbian Ecosystem

Source: Heartcount profile on Dealroom platform in Serbian Ecosystem.


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