Webinar: Team Conflicts in Hybrid Work Environment

Written by:Biljana Milenković
Published on: 19 January 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes

Disagreements and conflicts have always existed both in life and work. However, the hybrid work era has only intensified communication gaps between employees — various online channels of communication, from tools to email have not really helped improve the communication nor successfully resolve conflicts if they occur.


Hybrid work, if not thoughtfully planned and designed, can be the ground for generating conflicts within employees. Consequently, this might lead to higher employee turnover ratespoor quality of work and performance which then puts many HR departments and managers in a rather difficult position. They need to find ways to resolve the conflicts and prevent them from happening which is a pretty challenging task considering the circumstances.


So, we decided to invite a few guests who would break down the topic of resolving conflicts in hybrid work environment and talk more about how to maintain a thriving company culture.


Would you like to learn more about this topic? Come and join us on February 9, from 5 pm CET!



Who are the guest speakers?


We are more than pleased to introduce you to two amazing womenAnne Bourguignon, Talent Manager at Emakina BE and Jolanta Żarnoch, HR Director at Web Talk. Two of them will be sharing their experiences and best practices when it comes to the topic of team conflicts in hybrid work situations.


Here’s a bit more about them:


  • Anne is a proud mother of two energetic twins. She loves being Talent Manager at Emakina, a digital agency where happiness and expertise are central to success. Having joined Emakina 20 years ago, it has become her second family. Her mission is to make Emakina a great place to work, by taking care of people, helping them grow, facilitating change and building leadership. Her motto: We are stronger together!


  • Jolanta (you can call her Jola) started her career in public relations, later transferring her communication skills to the field of HR. She is currently leading the HR & Communications Department at WebTalk, a digital and people-first agency, which she joined 5 years ago. Web Talk is also on our 10 People First Companies list, being recognized as one of the 10 companies that try to go the extra mile and always put their people first.


Last but not least, our webinar moderator is Milica JovićPartner and Chief Heart Officer at HeartCount.


How can you join us?


We are here to support you in times of change when more than ever, taking care of employees and maintaining a good relationship with them, is essential for a company's growth.


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