Webinar Impressions: How to Be a Successful Workplace Happiness Consultant

Written by:Bojana Savanović
Published on: 01 July 2021 Reading time: 2 minutes

Why is happiness at work so important? Studies have shown that happy employees work better, get sick less often, and stay longer in the company. It’s directly related to great company results and higher profit.


Happiness at work was a precondition for creating a market for workplace happiness consultants and facilitators. One of them is Alexander Kjerul, the Hearcount cofounder. He has been in this field for the last 17 years, working with clients in more than 50 countries. The diversity of nationalities, customs, and cultures helped him find proven tools and insights for creating thriving companies cultures.


He selflessly shared his experience with the attendees at the last Heartcount webinar.


5 tips Alexander Shared at the Webinar


Based on his vast experience, Alexander Kjerulf pointed out 5 things which could help people who are striving to be successful happiness consultants.

Use Research—If you want to be successful in helping companies improve their company culture, you should study and follow research about happiness at work. Why? It’s always better to offer a solution supported by evidence. Where can you find this kind of research? During the webinar, Alexander suggested some conferences and articles. You can find them in the video.


Sell your services—It doesn't matter how amazing you are, if you don't know how to sell your services. Alexander’s approach is selling by giving! During the last 17 years, he has shared so much content on various different channels: articles, books, videos, social media posts, blogs, newsletters...He realized that the more he did this, the more clients he got. So, don’t be too protective about your knowledge, share it!


Measure your impact—Fifteen years ago, Alexander developed a short survey in order to measure the impact of his work. He used the surveys before his services, a little bit after, and three months later. Today, we use the Heartcount app for this part of work. The app is a great indicator that enables us to see if something actually works. Of course, it is also useful to document the results and show it to the current, but also new, potential clients.


Figure out your strengths and use them—This may sound banal, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Find out what you like to do and what makes you happy, and do those things more. As for the things you are not as good at, find people who will enjoy doing them! This is a perfect introduction to the fifth tip.


Connect with the people with the same beliefs—Some people could be sceptical about happiness at work and observe this concept as unclear or soft. That’s why it would be best to connect with the people who believe in what you do. You can support each other and exchange ideas, inspiration and experience.


You can find more details about the tips in the webinar video.


How to Get Started?


Unfortunately, there are so many people that do not feel good at work, but that's where happiness officers can come and help the world. As Jerry Garcia said:"Somebody has to do something, and it’s totally pathetic that it has to be us." How to get started? Take a look at Heartcount partners page, and maybe that can help you connect with the people with the same beliefs (the fifth tip).