Employee Satisfaction Webinar: Colleagues' Impressions

Written by:Bojana Savanović
Published on: 05 January 2021 Reading time: 2 minutes

Every day, many factors affect what our day at work will be like and whether we will go home feeling good. It is really important for companies to monitor how their employees feel and what they think throughout the year, as it can reflect on the employees' engagement and company's results.


Employee Satisfaction: Improving by Exchanging the Knowledge and Experience


During last week’s webinar “Employee Satisfaction”, our Chief Heart Officer Milica Jović talked with Ivana Mihajlović, HR director at Direct Media United Solutions about the factors that influence employee satisfaction at work. The event was hosted by HR Kutak, an association for HR professionals and enthusiasts, who are eager to learn and exchange knowledge about employee engagement. This time, more than 90 people exchanged new tips and trends regarding employee satisfaction and well-being.


At the webinar, Ivana shared challenges that Direct Media United Solutions have faced since the beginning of COVID-19. They knew they needed to keep in touch with their employees during these challenging times and find a way to feel their “pulse” while working from home. She emphasised that Heartcount app is one of the key tools that help them achieve that goal. Also, Milica shared how different Heartcount features can help companies determine which steps they should make to overcome this challenging situation.


We’ve caught up with Milica after the event to hear her impressions:


“I am glad to have been a part of this great event, where I discussed a very important topic with a fantastic interlocutor Ivana Mihajlovic, from whom I also learned a lot.


The webinar was constructive, we exchanged a lot of information and tried to convey the importance of approaching every employee as a human being while being aware of their feelings, desires and attitudes. It was very interesting and I hope that we will have the opportunity to meet up again.”


Guided by our motto “Heartcount before headcount”, she also said:


“High salary, bonuses and a great working environment have a major impact on employee satisfaction. Happiness at work, on the other hand, heavily depends on relationships and achieved results. For creating great company culture, employees and the employer need to build mutual trust. The essence is in the humanisation of the process and the simple treatment of employees as people, not as numbers.”


Why should you prioritise employees’ feelings at work?


Only people who feel good at work are willing to overcome any situation they might face. This year especially shows why knowing how your employees feel and what they think at work matters. That means that working on the company culture and employee engagement should be a continuous process and not something you do when your schedule is not so tight.

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Also, you can watch the webinar in Serbian on this link.