Woohoo Inc. Round Table Event: Impressions

Written by:Uros Gostović
Published on: 07 October 2020 Reading time: 4 minutes

September is a special month for all of those who work hard to spread the word about the importance of employee well-being. Each year, during September, people around the world are celebrating Happiness at work week by organising different events.


Round Table: Happiness At Work Is Possible Everywhere


Each year, Woohoo Inc. celebrates Happiness at work week by organising different events whose main focus are topics such as happiness at work, employee well-being, the importance of creating a positive atmosphere at work, etc.


This year’s main event was Round Table: Happiness at work is possible Everywhere, where 10 amazing experts and Woohoo Inc. partners from all over the world gathered to talk about why investing in people and their well-being is an important and smart decision.


During this event, Woohoo inc. partners also discussed the myth that happiness at work is expensive and reserved only for young and tech companies who have a lot of money at their disposal. However, the truth is that anyone can achieve happiness at work by investing in the significance of what we do and the quality of interpersonal relationships.


Our Chief Heart Officer Milica was one of the participants at this round table. She shared her point of view on this topic as someone whose mission is to prioritize happiness at work and make it the ultimate goal for all companies. We’ve caught up with Milica after the event to hear her impressions:


I think that the conference was great because nine like-minded people gathered together to share their experiences. I met three new partners whom I had not had the chance to meet before and I was thrilled to hear their experiences. For instance, Sheona McGraw gave a few amazing examples of her experience in working with employees, and Dr. Jenny shared her experience in researching various concepts over the years.

All in all, this was a two-hour event where we shared experiences regarding how to understand the concept of happiness at work in each country the panelists were from as well as whether we are on the right track to really raise awareness of its importance and achieve it.


Why Invest in Employee Well-being?


We believe that investing in company culture and employee well-being is something that should not be overlooked. Even though happiness at work is often associated with a utopian environment where people only smile and hug all day, it is, actually, far from it.


If you want to find out more about this topic and how you can apply some of the best practices shared at this event, check out the recording on this link