Top 10 Companies Where People Come First by Heartcount

Written by:Milica Jović
Published on: 24 December 2020 Reading time: 2 minutes

Due to COVID-19 challenges most people started working from home. For employees this means new workspace (that might also include family members) and new daily business habits. Also, this includes much more frequent written communication and online meetings with colleagues and clients. As a result, companies had to put a lot of effort into keeping their clients while working remotely which was a real challenge, especially for the companies which have never operated in this way.


The biggest challenge companies had to face was how to keep employees connected during these unprecedented times.


Whether they are working remotely or not, people are the main fuel that drive business development and success. Their determination, redinness and enthusiasm to contribute and give their maximum potential affect their productivity. This became even more important in the new working conditions.


Ever since COVID-19 started, it was crucial for companies to listen to their employees, more than ever, stay connected and find a way to know how they feel and what they think at work even when working remotely.


We are happy to say that Heartcount app was recognised as a great tool that can help companies be aware of their employees’ needs and thoughts. In 2020, the Heartcount has been used by more than 80 companies, who made efforts to stay connected with their employees, before and during the COVID-19. This year alone the app had about 5000 registered users.


We appreciate their hard work and will to keep their employees happy and engaged, despite the challenges they faced. Because of their amazing efforts to build an even better company culture where people feel great at work, they have become our People First Companies and have earned our special badge


Who are the Heartcount’s People First Companies?


These are the 10 People First companies that proved their employees come first:



Congratulations, you got it right! You proved that you can rise to the challenges! Keep on creating a company culture where people come first.


If you want your company to be recognised as our People First Companies, feel free to contact us and schedule a call with our team. We will demonstrate how you can use Heartcount to nurture your company culture to be even more successful in the upcoming year.