7 Tips How to Be More Productive When Working from Home

Written by:Uros Gostović
Published on: 24 March 2020 Reading time: 4 minutes

It’s no surprise that working remotely is a worldwide rising trend. Having the opportunity to work from home is an important benefit to a lot of people these days.


But, in the wake of COVID-19 crisis worldwide, this is the number one topic in the world of business. Having so many people working from home is a big challenge for many companies that are not used to it.


If you are working from home and you find it difficult to focus and be as productive as you are at your workplace, keep on reading because we are sharing 7 tips to help you get things done! 


Is Working from Home Less Productive Than Working in the Office?


It is a myth that remote working is less productive! Yes, we are creatures of habit and switching to “lazy mode” is something that many companies are concerned about when “home office” is mentioned. But, If you have the right tools and a plan, working from home can be both productive and fun at the same time. 


How to Get Things Done When Working Remotely


For people who are used to remote working, these new circumstances don’t seem unusual. But for the rest, it’s something new and kinda scary. The key is to have a plan on how to stay productive during this period. So let’s dive in:


1. Stick to your everyday routine


Waking up 10 minutes before your workday starts and turning on your laptop while still in your pyjamas sounds great, doesn’t it? But try to resist it. Why? We’ve already mentioned that human beings are creatures of habit, and this habit is the one making us procrastinate. So the solution is simple - don’t break your everyday routine. Get up, do your morning routine, get dressed and then start your workday. By doing this you will send a message to your brain that the time to work is now.


2. Create a workspace tailored to your needs


We all know how important it is to feel good at your office because when you feel happy at work you are more productive. This is why your home office should have the same vibe. Get all of those notebooks, coffee mugs, pencils, cute stickers and design your own workspace. Make it a place where you’ll be happy to spend time in and work every day. This workspace will also stimulate you to act more diligently when you’re in it.


3. Plan out your day and stick to it


If you want to stay productive and not waste your energy, you will need to structure your workday. Imagine it is a game of Tetris. For example, if you know when you will have your meetings, you will be able to organise the rest of your tasks. If you think your creativity kicks in in the afternoon, leave those tasks for that period of time. Also, always remember to set daily goals and stick to them.

4. Define your working hours


No matter if you are working from the office or your home, you need to create a balance between your personal and professional life. This is definitely harder while working from home. Nevertheless, you need to set some ground rules. If your work hours are from 9 to 5 then they should be the same when working from home. It’s so easy to fall into this trap of working throughout the day. Sure, you can slide by like this for a few days, but after some time tiredness will catch up and you will become less productive.


5. Keep your colleagues in the loop


Since working from home can create a feeling of isolation, be sure to catch up with your colleagues. Yes, you will have your meetings and talk about work stuff, but having a group on Skype, Facebook, Slack or anywhere else is a great idea. If you are feeling down or need a boost, these groups can be a great place to talk to your colleague and express how you feel or have fun with them. Just make sure these chats don’t turn into procrastination sessions. 


6. Keep the distractions at a minimum


From social media to your family at home, many things can distract you while trying to work. Try to put your phone aside. If you have to work with it mute your notifications during your work hours. As for your loved ones, try to talk to them and explain to them how important it is for you to have your personal space and time while working. These are just a couple of distractions that can decrease your productivity and cause procrastination. But no matter what you are distracted by, try to set boundaries and focus on your work. 


7. Reward yourself after a job well done


It’s okay to be proud of yourself and your achievements at the end of the day. So reward yourself after a job well done. No matter if that’s a piece of candy, a hot bath, a new book you’ve been wanting to read, or a new TV series. It is always a good idea to have something to look forward to as a motivational booster.


Let’s Get Things Done! 


Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. So, tomorrow, when you get up, focus on these tips and do your best. I believe in you!