3 Tools That Can Help You Build Even Better Company Culture

Written by:Uros Gostović
Published on: 18 February 2020 Reading time: 4 minutes

Happiness at work was not perceived as an important factor until a few decades ago. Companies used to be more focused on profits, efficiency, products etc. and people and their feelings were at the bottom of their priority list. After realising that creating a place where employees feel happy leads to better workplace performance and higher growth, managers started working on improving happiness at work, and eventually, it moved up the list.


This created a domino effect, so today we can see great examples of companies that are putting their employees first and thinking about their needs. That’s why they started looking for some kind of tool that can help them track how employee’s feel at work.

The Magnificent Three: Tools for Building a Thriving Company Culture


We have compiled a list of 3 tools that can help you track your employee’s feelings, needs and build even better company culture. So let’s dive in:


1. Heartcount


Having long and tedious surveys every six months or once a year is truly exhausting from an employee’s perspective. Those surveys take up a lot of time, have a bunch of weird and unnecessary questions leading to the results that are not real-time, and in most cases, no one acts on them.


Heartcount decided to say goodbye to traditional surveys and came up with a new concept.


What is the story behind Heartcount?


Every Friday, employees receive an email survey with three questions related to how they were feeling at work during the past week. These questions are simple and it only takes a couple of seconds to answer them. Besides answering three predefined questions, employees can leave additional comments to their managers providing them with the context behind their answers for that week.


Besides additional comments, employees can send an anonymous message to managers and express how they feel. How great is that? 


Heartcount for managers


After employees answer the questions, managers can look up the data and figure out the potential problems and act on them. They can also check out on specific employees and see their weekly results, comments about how they felt at the time, leave notes, set up reminders and many many other things.


If you want to find out more about this tool and how it can help you reduce your turnover rate, make sure to get in touch and book a Free Demo


This is a great tool that can help you find out how your employees feel and what they think, allowing you to make necessary changes to contribute to the positive atmosphere of your company culture.


2. Happy Force


Creating a safe environment where people can express their feelings is the idea behind Happy Force. It is a platform created to help leaders and managers feel the pulse of their organisations on a daily basis. It is designed to help you not lose sight of your employees as well as the potential issues that may come up in your company.


What is the story behind Happy Force?


Thanks to daily voting, surveys and employees’ comments and replies you are able to gather the information that can help you know the current situation in your organisation.


During one day, employees can publish ideas, congratulate a colleague and express their needs anonymously.


What can you do as a manager?


As a manager, you will be able to act based on data, and manage it in a closed and intuitive way. You can use your manager role to post comments, reply to them, and resolve any issues that your employees have from your smartphone. You can also communicate with your employees, send them surveys and announcements. 


This tool can help create an environment where people can communicate their problems more openly and improve company culture.




Asking employees how they feel can have a substantial and positive impact on your team. Engaging people to express their needs and feelings can benefit your company immensely.

6Q is focusing its efforts into improving communication between employees and leaders to create a better mutual understanding.


What is the story behind 6Q?


This tool allows you to get employee feedback by sending them a survey that can contain up to 10 questions. This data enables you to acquire relevant information about employees feelings and needs. By having this information at your disposal you can start working on increasing employee engagement and creating a positive company culture.


6Q for managers


Managers have the option to filter this information, make reports and figure out the reasons behind the dissatisfaction of their employees and act on it.


Wrapping up


The importance of these tools is evident and immense. Since people are the biggest value companies have, it’s only natural that they want to do everything they can to retain their employees.


Having immediate feedback and operational information about your employees is crucial if you want to react on time and make a positive change in your company. So take that next step and start improving your company culture today.


If you are interested in learning more about HeartCount app, schedule your free Demo and find out how we can help you create a culture of happy and engaged employees.