How We Helped Our Client in the Merger and Acquisition Process

Written by:Milica Jović
Published on: 01 November 2019 Reading time: 3 minutes

Having recognised the businesses’ needs to help their employees’ feel better at work, we developed Heartcount - a unique employee survey software. Its role is to measure employees’ level of happiness and give them a chance to express their attitudes and how they feel at work.


So far, we are more than satisfied not only with the results we have achieved by using this incredible tool within Vega IT company but also with the positive feedback we have received from our clients who decided to implement Heartcount in their business processes. The best thing about Heartcount is that it allows you to keep track of your employees’ level of happiness in real-time and then act on the results.


Mastering M&A Process with Heartcount


Besides being delighted with the outstanding results Heartcount has helped our client achieve so far, we are also pleasantly surprised to see that our tool can streamline operations and bring invaluable benefits to a variety of business aspects, including big business transformations and changes such as the process of merger & acquisition.


Recently, CEO of Vega IT company (the company that built the tool) had a chance to present Heartcount tool at one international conference. A leader of a particular sector of a bigger international company took this opportunity to ask Saša whether it would make sense to use Heartcount during the preparation stage of M & A (Mergers & Acquisition) as well as during the acquisition stage itself. Namely, being aware that the entire process would be challenging and even painful particularly for the company that was bought, he wanted to know if a tool like Heartcount could help individuals go through the entire process more easily and stress-free. Then it occurred to him that this amazing idea must definitely be realised and that the results would be an invaluable resource for further work.


How We Helped This M&A Process


By using Heartcount at the right time the managers of M & A could see:

  • what people recognised the tool as a great way to express how satisfied they are with the entire process.
  • what people don’t feel good or open enough to talk about the things they are not comfortable with orthe ways how they can improve the entire process
  • the ways the management can bring the process to a whole new level so that nobody feels uncomfortable or unhappy at any given stage
  • What things cause people to experience stress and unhappiness during such a huge and important event as M&A


In a nutshell, Heartcount helped this company get an invaluable insight into the way people feel every step of the way. It helped them harness the emotional commitment of employees during the transition and prevent active disengagement of their employees. Finally, it gave them access to the gathered real-time data which helps them adapt the processes during the merger to meet employee needs.


Effective Communication - a Key to Accelerating a Business Change


Business leaders today acknowledge that they need to make a concerted effort and focus their attention on the people side of the deal in organisational changes such as M&A. Whatever the occasion, effective communication is a powerful tool that can simplify and accelerate any transitions and business transactions. One thing any business needs during the upheaval that occurs when merging companies is the employees’ drive and desire to make an impact.


And, what better way to enhance communication and encourage engagement than to invest in an easy-to-use tool that keeps track of your employees’ happiness in real-time?


Take the Next Step


Make a move and leverage Heartcount to measure the pulse of your employees.


For more details how Heartocount can help your employees deal with the business transformation, feel free to contact us.


And, remember, the investment of time, energy and resources in communication inspires greater productivity and wins the hearts and minds of your employees in the long run.