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Who can be a partner?

Everybody who believes in happiness at work. Those who know how important it is to know how employees feel or what they think. Those who still don't know much about happiness at work but are eager to learn. And finally, those who have experience in consultancy with a solid people network.

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Why become a partner?

  • Build a stable, passive income

Partners are entitled to the 20% of the income Heartcount gains from the clients they sold that product to for a lifetime. Also, they are entitled to 20% (from the first invoice) of the income we gain from the clients they just connected us with (or recommended us) and to whom we sold Heartcount. 

  • Show more value for your clients

Heartcount gives you accurate metrics for your clients’ employee happiness. You can easily use this data to document the value of your work to your clients.

  • Keep in touch with clients

You can schedule regular session with your clients to follow up on their Heartcount results and develop new business opportunities based on them.

  • Learn what works

Heartcount’s accurate, real-time data on employee happiness in your client companies, clearly shows which of your services have the most impact, so you can keep improving your offerings.

  • Market your services

Heartcount gives you concrete data that demonstrates that your services work and reliably improve employee happiness metrics. This data is great for attracting new clients.

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You also get financial support

Partners could potentially get up to 5.000 euros on an annual basis with the aim to promote Heartcount (meetups, conferences, paid ads, a trip to a client, our support on an important trip to a client, etc.).

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How to get started?

Reach out to us by filling out the contact form or sending an email at contact@heartcount.com. We will be HAPPY to schedule a demo and show you the ways HC can help you make an even bigger impact in shaping the company culture for your clients. The best part—you will be able to use it with your clients and track the results of the things you have implemented in the business.

Let’s build a business partnership that lasts!

Contact us to find out more about our partnership programme!

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Heartcount is an AI powered tool, which measures happiness at work in a new and better way. It is a tool for tracking results and relationships (personal fulfilment, progress, relationships with colleagues and managers) that influence happiness at work.

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