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The company Woohoo inc, which has been teaching organizations how to be happy for years, started looking for a way how to measure happiness at work.

Alexander came up with an idea to create a simple survey that people will not answer once a year, but every week. He invited all the companies who were interested in this idea to apply so that he would validate the idea. This experiment was successful.

Alexander: “I don’t care about headcount - headcount is for cattle. I want to work with companies who care about heart count.”

After some time, Alexander decided to contact the company Vega IT not only because it was a part of the initial experiment, but also because it was a perfect fit. In other words, Alexander realized that Vega IT was ideal to be the first client because it had over 10 years of experience in software development and 100 + employees.

Sasa Popovic from Vega IT said that he wants to focus on making people in the company happy and more engaged at work, and not only on increasing the number of people.

Together with Vega IT, Alexander decided to develop a product that will automate the entire process and enable people who run companies and take care of their employees to keep track of how those people feel at work, and use that data to improve their results, relationships and happiness at work.

This is what Heartcount is all about! Future belongs to the happy people.

It’s different in happiness!

Who is behind Heartcount?

Alexander is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo
inc and one of the world’s leading experts on happiness at work.

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Alexander Kjerulf

Founder and Chief People Officer at Wohoo Inc

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Heartcount is an AI powered tool, which measures happiness at work in a new and better way. It is a tool for tracking results and relationships (personal fulfilment, progress, relationships with colleagues and managers) that influence happiness at work.

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